All Nations Chess League

The Rules

Rules of the ANCL
  1. The basic rules of movement used by the league conform to that defined by the Playchess server.
  2. All participants in the ANCL must have a full Playchess account (including a serial number), 20 slow games and a rank of knight or higher. Any player who has previously been found using assistance in rated games will be refused entrance to participate in the ANCL league.
  3. The ANCL management has the right to refuse entry to ANCL to any player without explanation or consultation.
  4. Each team must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 players. One of them must be the team captain. All ANCL players are allowed to swap a team once during a current season, but are not allowed to re-sign for their old team.
  5. In any given week of the season exactly 6 members of a team constitute a legal lineup. It is legal, when its sum of category points does not exceed 34, and when the category of a player is equal to or higher than the category of the player at the board immediately below. If a board is forfeited, its value in category points must be the same as the team member the forfeit is intended to replace.
  6. Captains must submit their weekly lineup each Wednesday by 21.00 CET, using the lineup sender on ANCL website. If a captain has not submitted the lineup, the last submitted lineup of that team will automatically be used for the new round.
  7. First Contact Deadline: Saturday 21:00, making at least three offers of days and times to play your game.Contact-or-Forfeit Deadline: If you missed the first deadline, you have until Sunday 21:00 to accept one of your opponent's offers,instead of making your own offers. If you don't, you forfeit the game.
  8. All official ANCL team league games have to be rated and begin with 90 minutes on the clock, plus 5 seconds increment for each executed move, and they must be started on Playchess in ANCL room 1 until Sunday 24.00 CET at the latest.
  9. Players are prohibited from receiving any assistance during the course of a game. Such actions will result in expulsion of all involved persons.
  10. An official ANCL team league game is automatically lost, if the player fails to arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed starting time of the game. It is also lost, if the player loses connection to the server during the game and does not continue playing in time or refuses to do so. The maximum time tolerance to reconnect to a running game is 30 minutes.
  11. A team obtains a full board point for each game a member of this team wins (by play or by forfeit), and half a board point for each game a member of this team draws. The winner team of a round (week) is the one with more board points after completing all games. The winning team gets a full team point. When the board points score is even, each team obtains half a team point.
  12. Players are recategorized twice a season; after the first half of the season and again after the last week of the season.
  13. Breaking ANCL rules, missing a game date or bad behaviour by a member causes a yellow card. Two yellow cards cause a red card and a suspension of two rounds. A third yellow card causes a suspension for the rest of the season.
  14. DGT boards are permitted, however if a game is not able to be reconnected the DGT board user will forfeit the game.